Photo of myself in front of Jackson Square in New Orleans

New Orleans

Born and raised in New Orleans, I like to say that I've seen it all - from Mardi Grad to Jazz fest to everything in between, I had a unique childhood. I grew up on the same street for sixteen years and attended the same school for fourteen years, causing me to call New Orleans the biggest small town to ever exist. You can't go into a Target without running into your middle school math teacher, a fourth-grade classmate, and your second cousin. Living in such a place gave me really unique perspectives on community and a true sense of southern hospitality. So, when it came to college, I chose to move across the country to Santa Barbara to expand my horizons.

Photo of myself sitting on a rock with blue skies behind

UC Santa Barbara

Like any young college student, I was terrified of moving so far away from home, but once I got acclimated to Santa Barbara's temperate weather and beautiful scenery, I fell right into place. College gave me the incredible opportunity to really explore my interests and hobbies while meeting a wide variety of people. From working for UC Santa Barbara's Orientation Services to a PR and Marketing Assistant in Carpinteria to a Project Management Intern at a startup tech company, I have been afforded valuable experiences that have allowed me to further my interests and passions. In fact, my work experience pushed me to continue my education at Boston University.

A photo of myself standing in front of the Boston University sign

Boston and Beyond

I am thrilled to continue my education at Boston University and am pursuing a Master of Science in Project Management through their Metropolitan College. Although I was not initially primarily focused on Project Management as a career throughout college, my previous work experiences as an Orientation Staffer, Event Intern, and Supervisor have felt like a precursor to this occupation. Each of these positions have elevated my skills in management, critical thinking, and communication. Studying Project Management at BU presents a welcome opportunity to further my personal and professional growth and studies.

A photo of me standing at the exit of a cave leading to the beach


Props to you for making it this far down the page! While I have been extremely busy throughout college, I have made time for some of my favorite hobbies such as reading horror or mystery novels, portraiture drawing, learning tennis, and going on new hikes wherever I am.