Leadership and Aspirations

Through my job experience, rigorous coursework, and extracurricular activities, I have gained valuable experience in leadership, written and oral communication, and research abilities. I have learned how to work well both individually and as part of a larger group, advancing my leadership and organizational skills. Project management incorporates all of the aspects I love in a job: working with others, problem-solving, management, and organization.

I previously worked as an Orientation Staff member for UC Santa Barbara in which I acted as an academic advisor, tour guide, and presenter for students and parents, alike. This position strengthened my professional communication skills as I learned the importance of customer service and professionalism as a representative of a major organization. Through each of the different people I interacted with on a day-to-day basis, I was able to learn how to be an effective leader as well as how to adapt quickly to situations and how to efficiently problem-solve.

In addition, working as a Night Supervisor at UC Santa Barbara’s Intramurals Department has opened me up to what it is like to lead my peers and foster a cohesive and positive culture within our workplace. This position has given me new insight into how to create a healthy and supportive, yet productive, environment through working to be approachable and professional with my co-workers and peers. As a Supervisor, I oversee Intramural Assistants on-shift, manage customer complaints, and provide support with first aid and medical emergencies. In this role I have helped to train new hires as well as aided in the recruitment of potential employees for open positions. In addition, this role has continued to help me hone my leadership and communication skills to ensure everyone present is safe and having fun.

Working as a Project Management Intern for ShipHawk, a start-up shipping software company, has introduced me to the fast-paced, collaborative, and exciting world of tech companies. In this position, I led projects to update documentation cross-departmentally while working with Business Operations to aid the company in onboarding and offboarding employees. The exposure to multiple different organizational programs and software such as Lucidchart, Asana, and SnipeIT have greatly improved my ability to adapt and learn new programs quickly. In addition, within this position I have had the opportunity to interact and facilitate communication between departments and have greatly enjoyed the communication that is required to create a more collaborative working environment.

My previous work experiences as an Orientation Staffer, Night Supervisor, and Project Management Intern have felt like a precursor to becoming a Project Manager, elevating my skills in management, critical thinking, and communication. The extensive collaboration, planning, organization, and problem-solving that project management requires has been a welcome challenge, and one that I hope to shape into a long-standing career. My move to continue my education in Boston reveals my passion for Project Management and my drive to continually better myself and learn more.